Stories Matter - July 2022 - House of Menghraj

Stories Matter – July 2022

I know you will fall in love to read this feature. We are passionate about creating masterpieces that jewelry lovers appreciate. But we are also keen to listen to your story- your feedback. Many customers come with their jewelry problems, that we have been able to help. That’s because we are dedicated to lend our expertise and bring a smile on your cheeks. But we also owe a lot to our customers who come forward and tell us what’s best about us, what’s not right, and where we need to get better (gratitude to all of them).

Presenting Mrs. Preeti’s story that she shared with us:

Stories Matter - July 2022 6

One of my latest prized possessions is a pair of gold bangles that I shopped for, at Shree Menghraj and Bros Jewellers…. Being someone who finds it hard to have a suitable wrist accessory as its either too heavy or too delicate to carry off on a daily basis, I was apprehensive about buying one. But a visit to my favourite jewellers put all my fears to rest as they showed me a design that fit my idea of an “elegant piece, slender yet magnificent and a sparkling design that gave it a very distinct appeal”. This was beyond expectations and well in my budget… Gratitude to the entire team of Shree Menghraj and Bros for they always live up to the standards they have set n actually go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction… A wonderful experience indeed ✌🏻

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