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Is diamond lucky for me? Let us find out the Truth behind

Is Diamond lucky for me?

Diamonds are considered one of the finest gemstones in gemology. Everyone has a desire to wear diamonds in their hearts. In astrology, diamonds are also considered lucky, prosperous, and wealthy. But the king of gemstones, the lucky diamond, is always a bit of a problem to wear because it doesn’t fit every zodiac sign. And people end up asking the same question, Is diamond lucky for me? Are they bad for me? what stones are for good luck? and so on..

Fifty percent of people who got hit by buses last year were wearing spectacles!

diamond lucky
Is diamond lucky for me? Let us find out the Truth behind 2

Last week, a customer who found us on Google called and came over. He brought a lucky amulet that was preserved for 20 years, as he wanted someone who he could trust to make it.

He did his homework about us and felt he could seek our help to design a pendant around the amulet. When I showed a catalog of pendants designed with a few diamonds, he instantly responded, ‘It’s fabulous, but diamonds don’t favor me much. Is diamond lucky for me?’ ‘Really?’

Coming back to 50% of the people being hit by a bus…
So if I’m wearing spectacles, does it mean I need to seriously consider not wearing them on the road so I don’t get hit by a bus?

No. There’s no actual relationship between buses and spectacles. But we forget this most often we are looking at blaming someone or something. when we’re looking for shortcuts.

We buy a diamond ring to amplify its positivity on us. Or simply because we can afford one.

We write on yellow paper instead of white because the ideas come easier that way.
We wear the brand of perfume for a sales meet because, after all, good things happen since it’s a ‘lucky’ perfume.

All of these things might be true but one does not cause the other.
The things are true because that’s what happened before, not because that’s what is going to happen next.

If the brand of diamond jewelry, yellow paper, and lucky perfume comes through for you and you like them, great. You framed a story based on how circumstances came before you.

Diamonds are a popular choice for wedding rings. But people also go for Gemstone engagement rings based on Zodiac and recommendations by Astrologers. A gemstone engagement ring is an engagement ring that has no diamonds in its center stone. Often traditional engagement settings (such as solitaire, halo, and three stones) are used for styling, with some couples opting for a less traditional setting for their less traditional center stone. Common gems include sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Aquamarine engagement rings, morganite engagement rings, tanzanite engagement rings, opal engagement rings, and amethyst engagement rings are also gaining popularity. However, some of these stones do not stand up to daily wear and tear.

So which stones are for good luck? Is diamond lucky for me?

We let you decide. Some buy because they think it brings them luck, some buy because the stone matches with their zodiac, and some simply because they like and can afford it. But Is diamond lucky for me? Is Diamond lucky is something that you will have to figure out yourself. But for now, Check out our collections of Diamond rings here

(btw, I made up the first line about the fifty percent for the sake of illustration)

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

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