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Best Bridal Jewellary Shopping Ideas for an epic wedding in 2024


For 20 years, Mrs. Vinita Behl bought 20 grams on every Diwali. In the interim, she kept buying and placing orders of bridal jewellary that she could use herself. And her confidence and satisfaction of Menghraj’s work grew over time.

Her two sons graduated, traveled for their studies, landed in good jobs while her husband continued his business of trading. The sons’ alliances were matched.

Bridal Jewellary
Best Bridal Jewellary Shopping Ideas for an epic wedding in 2024 5

But due to the pandemic, both their weddings went through rough weather. Lockdowns were imposed, dates got postponed, there were limitations on the number of guests, a major concern was the couple’s safety and guests attending the function. Limited hours for shops to be open, hence there was no time for window shopping.

On the good side, she got more time to prepare; they knew the number of confirmed guests; good venues were available at reasonable prices; government safety norms were in place; she had known a wonderful designer who could stitch the anarkali gown for wedding; and she very well knew where to shop for the best designs of bridal jewellary.

Just like you happen to know a dependable doctor, trust a good salon for the quality of their cosmetics and hands, it’s always beneficial to have known a good jeweler and a good boutique.

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Here are a few tips to make your wedding jewelry shopping a cake walk.

1. Essential things- choose a jeweler who has the reputation of ethical practices. Take a bill and all authentication documents. Understand the buy back and exchange policies of your jeweler. Understand how to maintain the bridal jewellary for it to last a long time.

2. Take stock of Heirloom pieces– handmade jewelry is distinct for its craft and, in a few years, it will be rare to find handcrafted pieces. If you are lucky to inherit one, try to talk to your jeweler to retain the piece for its sentimental and aesthetic value.

3. Invest early- In 20 years, the value of Vinita’s investment in gold flew from Rs.4990 (per 10gm in 2002) to Rs.48720 (per 10gm in 2021). Start small, but start early. 

4. Budgeting- make a list of essential jewellery that you require. Make a trip to a trusted jeweler and understand which kind of bridal jewellary can be made at different weights and costs. Although making charge discounts are tempting, make some time to understand different styles. Come up with an estimate costing.

5. Don’t repeat– Buy multiple pieces, but buy with different metal colors. Nowadays you have the luxury to pick wedding jewellary of new colors in gold- yellow (of course!), pink or rose gold, white gold and green gold. A variety of polishes, namely- high polish, matte finish, temple jewellery set for marriage, antique oxidized. Different colors and finishes make you look distinct, and be noticed for taste.

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6. Jewels first, Dress next– Buy the reception set before choosing your beautiful bridal lehengas. Coordinate the bridal jewellary with the wedding outfit next. That’s because the jewels not only cost more in terms of value, but will be worn on more occasions than the ghagra or wedding gown.

7. Personalize– Would you want a designer lehenga for wedding to suit your figure, or your jewellery set for marriage look closely similar to a guest at the wedding? Talk to a jeweler who specializes in customizing and can rightly guide you on jewelry that suits your style (and lifestyle). 

8. Meaningful– Buy with a foresight to wear the bridal jewellary set more often than your bank locker. Value your comfort over the trends and the weight of the ornament. The formula of using it 4 to 5 times in a year works like magic. The best lehengas for wedding are also ones that will be worn at least once every year. 

9. Involve the user– Just as essential as bridal decorations for the epic day, and just like you need comfortable bridal foot wear, we advise the bride-to-be to choose the bridal jewellary, because she will willingly wear what she chose. Your suggestions should be expressed, but allowing them to decide will ensure that the piece will be worn more often. 

Best Bridal Jewellary Shopping Ideas for an epic wedding in 2024 8

Last words of caution before thinking Bridal Jewellary:

We live in a world where cheapest is showcased as the best. Instead of buying one unique bridal gold jewellery piece, we are sold pieces with greater discounts. It’s rare to find stores that protect aesthetics and provide good quality and services.

Ask your jeweler to show you handmade jewelry, and you will notice the richness of Indian culture. Who knows… you could perhaps become a patron of handcrafted jewelry!

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