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What Are The Latest Trends of Bridal Jewellery


Anil Valecha

In ancient times, jewellery was used as a status symbol, a sign of wealth and prosperity. As the value of the materials (gold & precious stones) appreciated over time, jewelry became a form of investment. And as fashion took over by complimenting a dress with shoes and bags, even jewellery evolved as a medium to express oneself.

In our boutique, some customers walk in to exchange their jewels for new ones. “I wore this set only once for my wedding reception. It looked stunning back then, but I feel it’s too heavy for my delicate earlobes. I now want to change it for something I will wear.”

Most jewellery was bought on an impulse, and kept in lockers for a long time because it never matched the persona of the wearer.  The fact is: All pathways into the world of fine jewellery are different. There’s no one pattern that fits all approaches to being different. 

Dominican fashion designer Oscar De La Renda quotes: “Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.”

While it’s good to know what is in trend, It’s equally meaningful that you enjoy wearing whatever you pay for. And jewelry expresses your style without you saying a word !

So, here are 3 must know essential aesthetic checklists to collect pieces that are your individual style. It doesn’t matter if you’re picking up filigire work, or temple jewellery; pieces encrusted with natural diamonds or ethnic jewellery studded with kundan and polkies. If you pay attention to these 3 essentials as your checklist, you will never regret your purchase.

1. Love at First Sight

A piece of jewel that grabs you at an emotional level- that makes your heart beat faster when you look at it; an instant spark.

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2. A Statement Piece

What does the piece remind you of ? What is the story you tell yourself when you’re inspired by its design, the colour of the gemstone and the embellishments (enamels, finish, settings, etc). What connection does it reflect about you?

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3. Quality, Of course

When you look at the jewel, look at it from the angle of the tecniques used to make the piece. Jewelry looks gracious when it is technically perfect, and its beauty reflects when it is well proportioned.

While people around us talk about sustainability, let us choose with ‘responsibility’. 

If you’re goal is investment and value appreciation, then gold sovereign bonds* and bullion will help you. But while buying jewellery, think about how a particular piece has a place in your life. If we carefully consider these aspects — call it slow fashion or thoughtful consumption – we buy more mindfully.

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The House of Menghraj is committed to constantly create eclectic, contemporary and romantic jewellery. Our products represent the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

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