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New Favourite Ring

Anil Valecha

A new favourite ring is rare. It’s even harder to go looking for a new favourite ring. A favourite ring ticks all the boxes…the look, feel, metal colour, stone setting, finish and fit.

But the person who finds a new favourite ring is scanning. She knows that she may or may not find one- but she takes a stroll through shops or the boutique, or buy one knowing it might be sent back.

Most people who are not scanning for a favourite ring. They have a few they like and are in the shops to buy similar looking rings.

And some people are those who cannot wear the ring that’s in their closet as it was what their aunt or grandmother gifted them. Either it’s not a new design, or it’s size is uncomfortable, or one in which a diamond had fell off.

But none of these people are aware that they can create their own ring. By taking it to a jewelry designer who can then use the metal from the earlier ring, and revamp the stones in a look that would be their own favourite.

Have you found your favourite ring?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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