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6 Tips for the Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping

Probably it is the first time you are buying jewellery, that too for a momentous occasion. You are at the store display case and try to select one but are spellbound with the intricate detail of not one, not two, but a variety of engagement rings, each unique and stunning. Yes, we understand, it can be a little overwhelming.

It’s not easy to find that “perfect ring,” so we wrote this post to help you with your shopping experience.

1. Have an idea

We recommend you have an idea about the kind of ring you want to buy. Do online research to get an understanding of the look and feel.

Start with what you don’t like and move to what you prefer. Do you want contemporary designs or vintage? Do you choose traditional or abstract? Do you want to get it custom made, or do you want to buy it off the shelf?

By the time you are in the store, you will have an idea of what you need and our experts will help you!

2. Be open-minded to explore our suggestions

You’ve done the research, and you have some great ideas. Now it’s time to see what we have in store. Some designs will look different in the tray, but they come to life on your hand. Now it’s time to find a ring that makes you feel like royalty. Are you looking for his & hers, co-ordinated rings for the 2 of you?

3. Don’t stress.

You have come to experts who are in this business for the last 70 years. We cannot emphasise enough on why you should rely on our expertise and should not stress. If you know what exactly you want and we don’t have it in our stock, don’t worry, we can have it custom made.

Don’t settle for anything below your expectation. This is your engagement ring.

4. Have a budget.

It is an investment, not just in a ring but also in a relationship that you are just embarking on. Helps to have a budget in mind.

Buy a ring that you will enjoy giving and your fiancé will flaunt for years.

5. Be informed

You are not pestering us; we are happy to clarify all your doubts. The average customer hesitates to ask for options after trying 5 or 6 rings. Please feel free to try; it is our pleasure to help you find the right ring.

This is our profession, and we want you to be delighted with your purchase.

6. Make it Memorable!

This is one of the important purchases, so make it enjoyable! Bring your fiancé along, take time off from work to immerse yourself in the experience. On your way to our jewellery store or on the way back, take him or her for lunch or dinner. Make it a memorable day.

At Menghraj, we want you to be informed and make your jewellery purchase with confidence.

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