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Mistakes to avoid while buying jewellery

Neena and her colleague, Seema, buy their jewellery from the same store. They share a common interest – diamond jewellery. Seema is always amazed at Neena’s ability to pick that unique piece of jewellery that she never comes across. “How did I miss out on such a lovely piece.” she always exclaims, “What is the mistake that I may be doing?”

Neena is a software engineer, and she hardly finds the time to change her jewellery. But whatever she wears is appreciated by her colleagues. She loves to add a piece of jewellery to her collection every year, and her collection has been growing steadily.

As a jeweller, I attend to hundreds of customers. Jewellery is the extension of the person wearing it, even if you are buying once a year, ditch the ordinary and go for the exquisite. While for some jewellery is a form of their creative expression for others is a symbol of wealth, power, and status.

In our country jewellery holds importance and Diamond jewellery is often associated with weddings and engagements. Diamond signifies purity and perfection. It is also believed that this stone will lead people to success. Shopping for diamond jewellery is a momentous occasion.

In this post, I’m sharing the top 3 mistakes women make while shopping for jewellery, even from a renowned store:

Don’t buy fragile or delicate pieces of jewellery. They may look affordable or may be available at discounts, but they will not make you feel good when you are wearing them. Also, delicate jewellery will get damaged easily, and in the long run, it is more expensive. When you are making a purchase, remember it is an investment.

It is not to say that delicate, lightweight jewellery looks cheap, but if you like a statement necklace, then it needs to look like one. Jewellery should be of appropriate weight to the size and the material. Even if the piece is delicate, the clasps and closures need to be sturdy and secure.

Don’t be in a hurry – if the showroom is crowded don’t be in a rush to wrap up your purchase fast. We would go one step further, plan your jewellery purchase in advance. Ensure that you are prepared to spend a substantial amount of time needed to make an informed decision.

Discount on making charges – Drop out of the crowd mentality of buying more. Instead, purchase appreciative jewellery. The workmanship is vital because it is noticed. Generally, mass-produced and machine-made jewellery are offered at high discounts.

We are more than happy to explain what goes into our jewellery – the purity of gold, our exchange policies and the making charges. We will provide you with a detailed breakup.

Fine jewellery is a part of our philosophy, tradition, and culture. We understand the significance of it, and we have held it up for the last 70 plus years.

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