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Understanding Customer Requirement

Empathy Is about finding echoes of another person in yourself – Mohsin Hamid.

When someone comes in to buy diamond jewellery, we sell so much more than a product. The process alone is an experience, and we make it as memorable as possible.

At Menghraj, we make the customer comfortable and ensure that they are in control of the purchase. We want them to be happy about the purchase and we not only pay particular attention to their needs but also their emotional state.

Sonali came to us for her wedding jewellery purchase. Once we understood her needs, we met her explicit needs to her delight: here is what she said:

Menghraj is my go-to and by far my favourite jeweller. I absolutely loved their collection and designs!

They are extremely patient and take the time to understand their customer’s requirements. Vijay, who assisted us from the beginning was very helpful and understood what we wanted in terms of designs and style and narrowed down options for us from the kazillion designs in my head. He customized the jewellery for us keeping in mind our budgets, occasions and styles.

He took time to explain to us every detail of what, why, which would look better according to our outfits, lighting, tones and every minute detail that no other designer would care to explain. Also, thanks to him I know a lot more about jewellery and the quality involved as well.

They have certainly won us over for a lifetime and would recommend them to everyone! Trust me, they will not disappoint. Amazing hospitality, extremely friendly and humbled staff and beautiful ambience as well! Will always go back for more! Also, very prompt, kept up with their timelines as promised and top-class assistance from the very humbled and genuine owners themselves!

She wrote the above testimonial after her wedding.

Almost always, every customer and every purchase have a story. No one walks into a jewellery store for window shopping!

We educate and inspire our customers and when they trust us they are more likely to accept our advice on a purchase.

Do you have a friend or a cousin who wants to buy diamond jewellery from an experienced jeweller, do recommend us? And if you have had a great experience with us, please share it on a Google review!

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