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5 useful points while choosing a wedding ring to make it more special

Preparing for a wedding is a magical moment that matters to every soon to be bride and groom, and we all know that one of the most crucial steps of preparing the wedding day is choosing the right wedding rings, a ring that will accompany you for the rest of your life, it got to be perfect, right? 

We gathered for you 5 tips you should keep in mind when it’s time to buy wedding rings, enjoy!

1- Keep Track of the Timing

This one is pretty obvious, but some people can neglect it. Make sure to select your favorite engagement rings a month prior to the wedding ceremony. This way you’ll have enough time to try them on and pick the preferred wedding ring.

2- Make it Memorable

As I said before, preparing for a wedding is a magical moment you and your partner will forever remember and cherish. Especially when it comes to buying your wedding rings, you can enjoy the sweetness of selecting diamond engagement rings together, and make it an unforgettable memory. You can find exclusive collection of diamond rings here

3- Choose the Jewelry Brand Wisely

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a certain jewelry brand just because it’s popular. There are other factors that matter too. If your friends or family members shop at a particular store, check with them if they do things without a fuss. How have their after-sales services been? It is always good to have an idea about the jewelry brand before buying. Reviews on their social platforms also help you to make a responsible decision.

4- Purity of the Gold

Insist on 18k or 75% gold instead of 22k because the prongs holding your diamond are hard to hold firmly in place. An alternative to gold is platinum that comes at a default purity of 95%. And the latest offering is a fusion of gold and platinum that gives it a charismatic feel.

5- Certification

If you’re picking a solitaire, insist on a certificate from a reputed lab in order to verify its grading. This will also ensure a good exchange value while upgrading your solitaire over time. If the jeweler claims to have a certain buy-back principle, it should print on their documents. When you buy wedding rings from our house, worry not as everything is covered for you.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was helpful, let us know in the comments if you have more tips to suggest! call us, email us or even visit our exclusive showroom to plan jewellery for your special occasion.

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