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Surprise for Amma

Surprise for Amma

In the many years of service, I can proudly say that we have earned more friendly customers than just customers.

Mrs. Annapurna first came to us with a demand for a solitaire. My brother Vijay answered her concerns and educated her about the fine details.

She was new to us, and had known us to be reliable businessmen. We seldom expect a new customer to buy a solitaire on her first purchase, as it is a premium category. They normally start  with buying small diamonds, and then the bigger diamonds follow. But she pursued, got her doubts cleared, compared our price, and picked it up.

But her intention wasn’t just to buy solitaires. She was looking out for a trustworthy, systematic jeweler who could remake her grandmother’s earrings, which were now passed on to her mother. 

Those diamonds cost much less in value when compared to the solitaires she had just bought. But the sentiments were priceless. 

She wanted to be sure that the same stones are set in the new ornament, because her elder relatives had warned her about not trusting a jeweler with the family diamonds. 

But her views were, “What’s the use of keeping the heavy, bulky earrings whose screws were worn out? They’ll gather dust and negative energy being unworn for another 10- 20 years.” 

Surprise for Amma 3

After her first deal, she felt that Menghraj is the best and right place to remake earrings for Amma. Amma’s 75th birthday was coming up, so our deadline was to deliver in 10 days. We took it up as a special case, while normally designing and crafting takes up between 15 to 21 days. 

Menghraj and bros’ philosophy for bespoke customization is:  

“Once we agree to the deadline, our customers don’t have to worry about it anymore. We don’t negotiate, come up with excuses or even stress about it. It won’t be delivered till it’s perfect. It will be delivered because we said it would.”

On the day of delivery, her birthday, she surprised Amma by bringing her along to our showroom. Dressed in an olive green silk saree, Amma looked just like a doll. She handed the box for her to open. She flipped the white leatherette box open, and her jaw dropped on looking at what was inside. A pair of sparkling diamond earrings. 

Surprise for Amma 4

Annapurna helped her to wear the earrings while she showed some reluctance. After wearing it, she saw her reflection in the mirror and she couldn’t stop smiling. She could never believe she would be able to wear her mother’s earrings. 

Her eyes were filled with pleasant tears, she didn’t talk for the next few moments, that seemed like eternity. It was as if she was in a flashback. 

Annapurna left us this review

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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