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A Hilarious Anniversary Purchase

My patron, Mr.Raghuram called me at 8pm on a Saturday. “Anil, are you working tomorrow?” he asked
I answered , “Yes, Mr.Raghuram. we are working. What time would you want to come?”.
He was excited, “Although Shyla has bought from other jewelers, your pieces have always been noticed. Do you remember, I spoke to you about my friend, Dr.Jayaram. His wife has admired Shyla’s (his wife) sparkling diamonds every time we have met. We had told them about you. He wants to gift his wife a pair of solitaire earrings for their 15th anniversary. I will appreciate if you can look after them, when they come.”

“Sure Mr.Raghuram. Thank you so much. I will do my best.”

I was told that Dr.Jayaram never shied to perform complicated surgeries, that even great masters refused. His wife and he walked in and looked at the jewels displayed in the counters with wide smiles. A man of a few words, yet when spoken felt like pearls of wisdom.

Umesh Valecha, Dr,Mr. and Mrs. Jayram and Anil Valecha

A common philosophy between Dr.Jayram and Menghraj and Bros is:- To bring a smile on the client who believes in us, for a our knowledge and for our capabilities.

So I began to share with them about GIA’s globally accepted standard of 4c’s to buy a diamond (link), and, we moved on to finalize the pattern of the earrings.

While I explained, Dr. Jayram’s eyes expressed a look of amusement. And he half smiled. I paused to hear what he had to say. He looked at me, then turned to his wife and exclaimed, “All these years, I had known that carrots are meant for eating. I didn’t know carats are meant for wearing!”

We had a good laugh at the pun.

image courtesy: Gemological Institute of America

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