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Proposal ring by Amit – A 24k Promising tale that you can relate

Anil Valecha

“To commemorate our 5 year long love saga, this piece had to be special. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but she was mine. And so, I wanted the proposal ring for her to symbolise friendship, and a promise, above all. I wanted her eyes to sparkle as much as the 24K beauty.

proposal ring

I didn’t want an accessory, I wanted to fetch the stars, for she is nothing short of one herself. Menghraj & Bros helped me at every step of the way, to design and craft the perfect proposal ring for my girlfriend.

The look on her face was validation enough, that every single piece of jewellery for our wedding, would henceforth be consigned to the one and only jewel magicians.

To welcome the newest member of our family, my mom and sister envisioned a timeless, yet millennialist accessory, and with the expertise of Menghraj & Bros, perfected a gorgeous diamond bracelet to match the taste of the new Bride-to-be- Anamica. It’s become her favourite for every occasion.

My parents wanted Anamika and me to choose the mangalsutra of her own liking.

Her mangalsutra had to be a timeless combination of tradition, elegance and one that spoke a thousand words about her personal style.

With the help of Menghraj, we designed a statement piece which made me buy

more time to soak in the moment of making her wear the neck piece inside the Mantap, while admiring the woman that I would now call “my wife”.

Our matching promise rings, my engagement piece, our first Diwali ornaments, and many many other future memories — are all accredited to the magicians of multipurpose masterpieces: mine, my wifes’ and my family’s favourite — Menghraj & Bros.”

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