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Satisfaction above all

Sakshi’s engagement ring was ordered with us by her father, Gokulji. It was his first diamond purchase, and we guided him with the perfect design. 

In about two weeks, a customized ring was made for his son-in-law. A lustrous rose gold ring, set with 9 sparkling diamonds! At the function, the family and relatives were all praised for how elegant the ring looked. 

After the engagement, his wife and daughter visited our store. They had also visited some well-known jewelry shops. For Sakshi, it was not about buying jewelry that would remain locked in a vault for the rest of her life. 

Apart from being beautiful, she needed jewels that are meaningful and practical. Her ‘A-ha’ moment happened when she saw a blue enameled Kundan choker. A line of pristine white cultured pearls below provided a peculiar softness. The matching earrings fitted her ears perfectly- not too big, and not really heavy. 

While browsing through, they realized how important the quality of the materials impact the overall look and feel of the jewelry. It’s not just styling. 

They wanted some time to decide and came back after 4 days. The blue enameled necklace was gone. Another customer had bought it. 

Unlike other stores, we never repeat our designs. But we agreed to Sakshi’s request, as she would be in another city. 

And at once, they placed an order for the same design and a pair of matching gokhru bangles. And when it was ready for trial, Sakshi looked gorgeous. She imagined how many people won’t be able to move their eyes away from her. 

A few takeaways from Gokulji’s experience about buying jewelry at Menghraj Bros: 

  1. Knowledge Search – Take the time to self educate yourself about the different purities of gold and what the gold prices are.   
  2. Design Search- Most shops have similar designs, but what is the point of buying a common design for your special day? So search, and be sure about what kind of jewelry will look nice on you. 
  3. Showroom Search- How to know where to buy? Even if someone told me where to shop, I take the time to visit their website before going there. Google reviews and Instagram posts provide a fair idea about who we are dealing with. It is critical because the important factor is trusting your jeweler.

He left us with a review here:

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