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Wedding jewellery shopping – 5 silly mistakes that a shopper makes

wedding jewellery
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Prakash’s Father’s experience buying Wedding Jewellery

Prakash’s late father had been our customer, and even he bought wedding jewellery from us during two of his daughter’s weddings. During his son’s wedding, he grew adventurous and shopped from a new jeweler. He played safe to avoid the mistakes that general jewelry shoppers make, and ensured that all the caution boxes were ticked. 

On the wedding day, the bride looked gorgeous in her pink wedding gown, and her gold bridal jewellary set was no match for her beauty. It looked similar to almost every other guest in the hall. The earrings made her so uncomfortable that she never touched them for the next 5 years. The jeweler couldn’t do much to reduce the weight. After that, the earrings were exchanged for a pair of bangles from us. 

Prakash thought he saved a lot of money with less making charges. But as the jewels were not worn after the wedding, he felt that the money wasn’t saved, its value was wasted.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair. Once the alliance is fixed, friends and near ones advise you about how to plan for the special day. The date, the venue, the gown color, the jewelry and the destination are part of hot discussions at home. The bridal decorations, the make up artist and the food menu are top discussion topics. But most people who shop for jewelry make these mistakes, and you should be aware of them.

Some important facts that should not be ignored are: to buy BIS hallmarked gold, to shop from a trusted jeweler, to decide on a budget and to buy the jewelry with a bill. These are a must do for all jewelry purchases.

But if it is for your special day, here are 5 common mistakes people make while shopping for jewelry, and you should ask yourself:

1. DID I SAVE?: Only wedding jewellery that is type-cast and produced in huge quantities costs less. Even though you save money buying them, it will be jewelry that looks like anyone else’s. 

2. IS IT ONLY FOR MY WEDDING DAY? Wedding Jewellery that is huge is seldom worn after the wedding day. Of course, you will need one set (of neckpiece, earrings, bangle) that will make you the crowning glory of the day. But for the other occasions, choose pieces that you will wear at least 4 to 5 times in a year.

3. ONLY NEW DESIGNS? While you’re on cloud nine, and on the verge to pick up the latest gold bridal jewellery, most people tend to ignore heirloom pieces. Heirlooms are traditionally made jewelry that gets passed on through mothers, aunts and grandparents. Consider working with a jeweler who can refurbish, refresh and remake your wedding gold jewellery design into something more in line with your personal style. You can also opt for a simple gold jewellery set for marriage according to your taste.

4. IT’S TRENDING, BUT IS IT FOR ME? A lot of brides flow into picking up wedding jewellery that looked beautiful on the model in the advertisement. After the special day, they realize that their ears cannot bear the heavy weight. Or the choker that they picked was no match for her small neck, and neither is the pair of chand-ballies .

5. WHAT IS THE RESALE VALUE? It is good to clearly understand how your jeweler will exchange or buy back his/her used gold wedding jewellery; and whether they have mentioned it in the invoice. But we advise, don’t consider purchasing precious assets with an attitude to sell it. Then you are creating an unconscious pattern of giving it away before even buying it. hey, do not forget to ask us for an exclusive wedding gold necklace design with price and do not forget to check out our jewellery collections.

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