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3 things to consider while buying jewelry for yourself

Easy problems are an illusion- mostly. If they were actually real, and they were easy, they would be solved already. Difficult problems, on the other hand, stick around until someone with insight and commitment risks the unknown.

Anmol liked to buy jewelry from us. She always shared how comfortable our rings felt on her fingers. And she appreciated what a rare treat our advise meant. But last January, she joined a friend for window-shopping, and picked up a mangalsutra pendant for herself from another shop.

The pendent looked nice in the advertisement, and even better at the store. But it inverted. The beautiful pendant kept turning upside down. Her annoyance grew worse when every second person pointed it out to her. She went back to the store. A predictable reply is that since the length of the black beads chain is long, it should be shortened. So they cropped it and ended up choking her neck. After that they gave up. They said they couldn’t help.

The design by itself was a fab piece of creativity.
But creativity is not the same as creative work. In fact, they’re very different skills and emotional mindsets.
Creativity is springing up with a powerful idea/ ideas. We all are creative.
Creative work takes it a level further by delivering it in a way that would be practical, by resolving past problems.

3 things to consider while buying jewelry for yourself 2

I saw how foolishly it had been fixed. The design was made to suit for a bracelet, and some joker in that showroom suggested that it can be used as a neck piece.
We worked around resolving the alignment in a way that it stayed without turning.

At Menghraj and Bros, you’re not just buying the materials. You take back our creative work. We take our customers through 3 thoughts:

1. Is the piece made of a weight that you’re comfortable and you will enjoy wearing? Or will you be waiting for the immediate moment to take it off ?
2. What is more important- quantity of metal, or the embellishment ?
3. Do you see yourself wearing the piece for at least 4 occasions in a year?

A woman walks in to the studio of French fashion designer Yves St. Laurent (pronounced: eev-san-law-rawn)
“Oh Yves, you must help me, I have to go to a ball and I need a hat that’s both original and chique…”
Yves sets the lady down on a stool and proceeds to drape ribbons around her head.
After about 20 minutes of this he pronounces the result done.
The woman asks for the bill and is presented with a 2500 Francs invoice.
“What is this? You charge me 2500 Francs for this?”
Without a word Yves St. Laurent unwinds the ribbons and stuffs them in a small plastic bag which he hands to her.
“The ribbons my dear, you can have for free”.

Cover Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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