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How to choose a gift for a loved one

Last week our customer, Muskaan asked me if we exchanged jewelry. Her mother in law had gifted her a pair of earrings that were unused from day one.

“It was my birthday, and my loving mother in law handed me a box, crisply gift wrapped. She looked on as I cracked the paper at the seam. I looked inside, unvieling the jewel within. It’s…
Crap. It’s crap. It’s a crap present that I didn’t want.

I lifted my head and, let out a beaming grin. I somehow managed to let out a torrent of thanks and praise for what I received. This is wonderful! It’s just what I wanted! How did you know? I love it! I’ll treasure it forever!
Within a day, it was stuffed in my drawer. Within a week, it was forgotten.”

Now think about how many times this might have happened with gifts that you have given to others.

If you’re buying for your wife, gold and diamonds have always worked.
Just be sure it’s something she wants. For example, she prefers yellow gold and you like white gold … the result is 4 or more diamond necklaces set in white gold. She can’t wear them all so they will sit in the safe.

Over so many years, we at Menghraj reveal how Gift-Givers and Gift-Receivers think differently .

Gift givers aim at these 3 factors:
1. Surprise (the wow factor)
2. Desirability (the clout factor)
3. Materiality (the budget)

Gift receivers want to focus on 3 priorities, that are completely different. They want:

1. Usefulness (easy)
2. Quality (is it well made / going to last?)
3. Stuff they’ve asked for (did I actually say I want this?)

No wonder why some gifts simply don’t hit the mark! What matters more is that you don’t waste a bunch of money on something somebody doesn’t actually want.

When you’re buying jewelry for others, never miss these essential points:

1. Involve them
It seems obvious, but this is often the best way to get people gifts that they actually want. Many avoid this tactic because it diminishes the surprise/wow factor of the moment. But it is actually important.

How to choose a gift for a loved one 3

2. Video Call Them
Sending them pictures of jewelry will only kill the delight to touch and feel. And a badly clicked one will certainly drain away your efforts.
An easier way is to make a video call and showing it to them. It’s worked remarkably better with videos here at Menghraj jewelers.

How to choose a gift for a loved one 4

3. Tight rings won’t fit.
While buying jewelry, ask the jeweler for no loss exchange, in case you mess with the size. Otherwise, just like Muskan, your loved one will end up paying another round of making charges, even if you bought her a ring she liked.

Shopping for others is a pleasure that very few people know of. You are one of them!

Cover Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels
Model Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

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