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3 Colors of Gold

Mr. S.Raghuram works in the same building where our showroom is located. He is an officer par excellence. He is a passionate learner and a greater orator of most subjects under the sun. And he is an early adopter of trends.

He is also one who does not hesitate to call a spade a spade. On his first visit,way back in 2003, he was flabbergasted by the colors of gold on our counter. He had never come across gold colors apart from the legendary yellow.

3 Colors of Gold 7

Historically, gold is the most popular metal as it is the malleable, or easiest to work upon. Presenting the 3 most loved avatars of gold:

Yellow Gold

– Yellow gold looks nice on anyone.

– Yellow looks fantastic for all kinds of wedding and engagement dresses.

– Yellow gold is made by combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper. The higher the karat, the higher the actual gold content.

– Most Indian jewelry is crafted in 22k yellow gold, that contains 91.67% pure gold.

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White Gold

– If you like the look of a cool, sophisticated gleam, white gold is a fantastic choice.

– White gold looks just like platinum, but it is entirely different from platinum.

– White gold is generally crafted in 18k purity (and lesser purity), which means, It contains 75% pure gold along with nickel and silver. The nickel provides strength and hardness, and thus makes it last for a long time.

– White gold looks nice with all skin tones. But it flatters fair skinned people the most.

3 Colors of Gold 9

Rose Gold

– Rose gold gets its color by mixing pure gold with copper and silver alloys. The more copper in the mix, the redder the jewelry appears; the less copper, the pinker the jewelry appears. 

– Rose gold has begun to gain preference in the past decade.

– Rose gold is a universally flattering color no matter your shade or undertone.

– Wearing rose gold makes the wearer feel trendy, unique and romantic.

3 Colors of Gold 10

Fusion gold

In Fusion gold, the different gold colors, like yellow and white and pink are casted separately. The process to join the differently casted metals in a single piece is called fusion. The colors show out distinctly once the jewel is polished.

– Fusion gold is different from white gold and rhodium plating.

– Fusion gold requires highly experienced craftsmanship, so it’s costlier to make. And quite uncommon.

– Most designs do not suit Fusion gold, hence it is customized to look appealing to the wearer.

– Fusion gold compliments millenials the most, for it’s rare, unique finish.

3 Colors of Gold 11

Mr.Raghuram and his wife Dr.Shyla have placed umpteen orders for customized jewelry in the different colors of gold. This is what they say about us: 

3 Colors of Gold 12

It is an honor to serve them our best. 

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