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Diwali celebration 2022- There is more to just lights & crackers for a blissful week

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Diwali is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month Kartik (October-November). Diwali Celebration marks the end of the harvest season and is considered a time of thanksgiving. People celebrate the festival by lighting diyas (earthen lamps), exchanging gifts, decorating their homes, and enjoying delicious food, there are crackers, flowers, shopping, and more.

It is a five-day festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

Find the perfect jewellery for diwali celebration.

This year, Diwali falls on October 24th. Indians all around the world will celebrate the occasion with much pomp and show. People will buy new clothes, sweets, and jewellery for their loved ones as well as for themselves to mark this special occasion.

This Diwali must not only fill your gift box with the usual chocolates and dried fruits but also add a piece from our exquisite jewelry collection to you and your loved one. Finding the right Diwali jewellery can be a little daunting given the variety of options on the market. It is always advisable to start your search as early as possible and even visit us at our JC road showroom.

Still not sure about choosing the right jewellery for your Diwali celebration look? No need to be nervous! Just browse our Diwali jewelry collection to shop for stylish jewelry designed to suit every taste and at amazing prices. The new Diwali 2022 jewelry trend you can’t miss making your Diwali Celebration day dazzling!

Now if you are wondering what trend waits for your Jewellery shopping for this year’s Diwali celebration, Let’s begin.

Rose gold For Diwali Celebration

Diwali celebration 2022- There is more to just lights & crackers for a blissful week 5

As we travel through time, yellow gold was always the most preferred until the 1980’s, when white gold, platinum, and silver became popular. 

One of the biggest jewelry trends around 2015 has been the rise in the adorability of rose gold. Its luminous blush pink hues match any skin tone, increase the confidence of the wearer, and add a touch of luxury to any piece of jewelry.

Check Our Rose Gold Range here

Diwali celebration 2022- There is more to just lights & crackers for a blissful week 6

At Menghraj, we lovingly call cluster set pieces ‘Mirage’. Mirage means something that is believed to be true. Our customers and we believe: everyone who adorns a mirage setting will someday wear solitaires. 

Cluster settings are basically a collection of diamonds set very close together, often resembling a larger, bigger stone. 

(check our mirage range here) 

Gold and Diamond Bangle/s – Not only for Aunties

There’s a bit of misconception about bangles being called ‘aunty type’. The customers of Menghraj know that it’s just a myth. We churn out a mesmerizing collection of yellow and rhodium finished machine cut bangles that have lots of benefits: And for All ages and tastes.

  1. They’re made lightweight, and yet they’re durable.
  2. They show a distinct taste for luxury.
  3. You get a variety from sleek to zircon sets to openable cuffs. 
  4. They’re customizable.
  5. If you have a budget for four bangles, we suggest you opt for two sets of 2 bangles each. Less repetition, no space for boredom.

We also provide beautiful options of diamond set bangles that can be used for daily wear, as well as party wear. 

(check out our bangle range here)

Diwali celebration 2022- There is more to just lights & crackers for a blissful week 7

Men’s Kada’s and bands

Men’s bracelets are completely out of trend. A single men’s bangle is the hottest trend this season. Pamper yourself with this carefully crafted, user friendly collection of men’s kadas. They make wonderful gifts, providing a touch of class for loved ones.   

Men’s Bands too are a hot trend this season, simply because men hate their jewelry from obstructing daily chores. The designers of Menghraj come up with customizations. Check out our men’s collections here

Polki Necklace Sets

Amara collection is tastefully handcrafted jewelry studded with complementing and contrasting colors of semi precious gemstones combined with uncut natural diamonds. 

The Amara collection are pieces that will pass on through generations, to be adorned and adored by the wearer as well as the onlookers. Amara is timeless. 

(check out our Amara collection here)

Frequently Asked Questions about rose gold

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

– Rose gold is the perfect mixture of pure gold with copper and silver alloys. It does not tarnish. There is a probability of plating or coating of rose gold on yellow tarnishing.  

Is Rose Gold durable?

-Rose gold is made when pure gold is mixed with copper.  Copper is considered one of the most durable metals, being used for building construction, as electrical conductors, as well as for transportation like trains and cars. It is durable. 

Is Rose Gold more expensive than yellow gold?

– In general, yellow gold is made in 22k purity, whereas rose gold is made in 18k purity. The cost of rose or yellow/white gold remains the same. The only factor you should be sure of is its purity. 

Is there a resale value for Rose Gold?

– Indeed there is. When you’re buying rose gold, just ensure the purity, whether 18k or 14k is hallmarked. Any jeweler who trades in gold will give you a resale value of rose gold. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Mirage collection

Why use clusters in customised jewellery

One of the key factors why clusters are being loved is affordability. The price of a 1 carat diamond ring with a cluster setting is significantly low when compared with a 1 carat solitaire ring.

Does a cluster shine better than a solitaire?

– A solitaire can efficiently catch, reflect, and refract light, thereby maximizing the sparkle. The twinkling effect created by a cluster cannot be compared to the exceptional sparkle and brilliance associated with a solitaire.
Hence, when it comes to sparkle and brilliance, a solitaire ring is the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions about bangles 

What is the Price range for a Gold Bangle?

Our gold bangles range starts from Rs.60,000 ($625) per bangle.   

What is the price range for a Diamond Bangle?

Our diamond bangles range starts from Rs.1.45lacs ($1830) per bangle. 

Can a Diamond Bangle be worn everyday?

Yes, we provide expert advice on which kind of diamond setting will suit daily wear options. 

Frequently Asked Questions about men’s kada

What is the price range for a Men’s Kada?

Our range of kadas start from INR. 1.56lacs ( USD 1950)

Is a men;s kada Durable?

Undoubtedly. A men’s kada is made keeping a millennial man in mind. It won’t break or bend, unless it’s crushed with force. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Polki jewelry

Can Polki Jewellery be repaired if it breaks or the stones fall off?

It can be repaired. Polki jewelry is completely handcrafted and requires special skilled workers. Our word of caution is that you buy polki from a reputable store, as they will provide you with tips to keep the jewelry securely, and without causing careless breakage. Another reason is that you can avail their after sales services. 

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