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Diamonds 101: Understanding the Differences between Natural Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond

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“Discover the radiant world of diamonds! Delve into the allure of natural diamonds and the cutting-edge elegance of lab grown alternatives. Unearth their origins, sustainability, and timeless charm.”

Lab grown diamonds vs natural Diamonds?

In the journey of life, we all start from humble beginnings, dreaming of a future where we can break free from scarcity and achieve stability. As we progress, our dreams evolve, and we yearn for even greater heights of success. This is a tale of aspiration, of how we all strive to move from one stage to another, never content with staying in the “not there yet” phase.

When we first step into the professional world, all we can think of is paying our bills and becoming self-sufficient. We are focused solely on survival, unaware of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. But as we grow and achieve some stability, our dreams expand, and we start to aspire for more, seeking to grow our wealth and dependables.

Yet, the pursuit of success does not end there. As we reach the pinnacle of our journey, something changes within us. We become generous, wanting to give back to society and uplift those around us. We employ teams and contribute in meaningful ways, recognizing that money is not the sole measure of success.

Throughout this journey, there is a symbol that captures our dreams at each stage – diamonds. A key reason is its finite availability. And for the people who are in the ‘not there yet’ stage, there are Lab-grown diamonds LGD.

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Diamonds 101: Understanding the Differences between Natural Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond 2


Lab Grown Diamond’s have the same chemical properties as ND’s.

1. Affordability – compared to Natural Diamond’s , LGD’s are cheaper. One can buy a much larger and quality diamond on a given budget in LGD’s than ND”S 

2. Infinite- compared to Natural Diamond’s, LGD’s are available in unlimited qualities and quantities. ND’s are limited in both quality as well as quantity. It’s easily available but not exclusive as a ND.

3. Depreciating- compared to ND’s, LGD’s will keep being produced abundantly. This will ensure that they become cheaper with time. ND’s on the other hand will continue to appreciate over time, due to their rarity and limited availability.

4. Detachment- if you lose a LGD, you don’t feel the pain, as you can still afford a larger stone than the one you lost. With ND’s it’s more of an emotional connection. If it’s lost, your heart knows how hard you worked to afford it.

5. Low Carbon Footprint- Lab-grown diamonds claim to be a sustainable alternative supported by the evidence of their social footprint.  

Conclusion: For the aspirational customer, LGD’s are shaping the course of jewellery due to their versatility.


ND’s cater to a different customer profile.  

1. Rare – Natural Diamond’s are formed from within the earth, making them a true gift from nature. They’re rare, they’re scarce, they’re valuable. The fact that they cannot be produced on demand like Lab-grown diamonds means that they will always have a certain level of exclusivity. 

2. Emotional Significance- Natural Diamond’s are associated with love, commitment and celebration for many centuries. They’re passed on through generations as family heirlooms; and their emotional significance cannot be replaced by a lab-grown diamond.

ND’s are not about monetary worth, but personal worth that comes with acquiring something truly original and authentic. You know that the original is something special, something unique.   

What remains constant is the enduring allure of diamonds as a symbol of achievement and beauty. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds have a place in shaping the course of jewelry, satisfying the diverse desires of people across the globe.

In the end, the allure of diamond jewellery lies not solely in their physical brilliance but in the stories they carry, the dreams they represent, and the emotions they evoke. Find out if the diamond is lucky for you

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