5 Key takeaways from my talk with Mrs Chitkala Biradar - House of Menghraj

5 Key takeaways from my talk with Mrs Chitkala Biradar

5 Key takeaways from my talk with Mrs.Chitkala Biradar

Mrs. Chitkala is a renowned film and TV personality who has made her mark with her talent with her recent character, Rathnamala in the serial Kannadati. Apart from her fabulous stint in acting, she creates content for her fans on YouTube 

At the House of Menghraj, we had the honour and opportunity to craft jewellery for her son’s wedding in July 2023. In the realm of our conversations with her, there are moments of insight that resonate deeply, bridging the gaps between our different worlds.

Mrs. Chitkala illuminated five key takeaways that echoed within the very ethos of the House of Menghraj (HOM). As we delve into these insights, we uncover not just principles for personal growth, but also profound connections between the worlds of content creation and curated elegance.

1. Lifelong learning from Chitkala Biradar

She’s always adapting to improve or change a shot when she is given feedback. Her willingness to embrace feedback and evolve on the go is akin to HOM’s practice of embracing customer feedback, fostering an environment of constant improvement and learning. This shared philosophy becomes the cornerstone of genuine progress.

2. Creating Value-Centric Content: 

She believes that her fans must find value when they spend their valuable time on her YouTube channel. It should not be a mere ‘time-pass’. 

Just as Mrs. Chitkala Biradar crafts content to be meaningful to her viewers, HOM dedicates itself to guiding customers with integrity. The commitment to providing information, rather than simply pushing sales, resonates as both entities work towards meaningful interactions and informed choices.

3. Elegance in Essence: 

She shares that her profession provides ample opportunity to wear loud, flamboyant pieces of jewellery on screen, but beyond the glitter, lies the allure of elegance. 

Mrs. Chitkala Biradar’s preference for pieces that merge comfort, style, and grace mirrors HOM’s dedication to crafting jewellery that encapsulates the essence of sophistication. The alignment in these sensibilities creates a harmonious blend of aesthetics.

4, Promises and Reputation: 

From her experience, she shares that most directors will sway away from original scripts. And many times, all the stars in the serial won’t contribute their best. 

Here’s where the world of entertainment and commerce intersect when it comes to promises kept. Mrs. Chitkala’s astute observation about staying vigilant on deviating scripts parallels HOM’s commitment to creating signature pieces that showcase craftsmanship. Both understand that each creation contributes to their reputation, urging them to uphold quality.

5. Just be Nice!

When you’re a star, you expect all around you to give you due respect. But shouldn’t people respect you for being just lovely? Only one of our team members recognised her on her first visit to the House of Menghraj. But there was no “air” about it.

Chitkala Biradar

Mrs. Chitkala Biradar’s humility during her House of Menghraj visit resonates with the genuine approach the brand takes towards its customers. Acknowledging the intelligence and taste of fans and customers, this shared humility fosters an oasis of appreciation.

As we navigate through the wisdom shared by Mrs. Chitkala Biradar, the parallels between her world and ours at the House of Menghraj become evident. This conversation isn’t just a meeting of words, but a meeting of minds dedicated to lifelong learning, value creation, elegance, integrity, and kindness.

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