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Jewelry- Your way to express yourself

Anil Valecha

Over the years, we associated gold jewelry with traditional dressing, but it is no longer the same today. We evolved our dressing from ethnic to contemporary, and so has the trend of matching our jewelry from traditional filigree to contemporary office wear and indo-western wear. 

While your mother relished flaunting elaborate kada’s and jhumki’s at her time, you can’t help smiling as you adorn your beautiful solitaire ring. Two things remain constant in fashion trends- change and our love of gold.

Jewelry is a means of self expression. This post has been written from a light hearted angle, and I would love to hear where it resonated with you.

What your jewellery says about you

Hoop Earrings: You celebrate your 21st birthday every year.

Stud Earrings: You can get ready in 10 minutes or less.

Engagement Ring: You like reminding your husband that there was a time when he actually spent money on you.

Chandelier Earrings: You pretend every sidewalk is a red carpet.

Silver: You’re preparing yourself for going gray

Gold: You prefer wearing your financial instruments over yourself

Cocktail Ring: You’re single, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have a fancy ring too.

Your Kid’s names: You’re showing off your mothering skills.

Pearls: You floss after every meal

Colored Jewelry: You’re a cool and Happy individual

Hearts and Stars: You doodle the name of your office crush on office memos.

Antique jewelry: You are deeply rooted in tradition and customs.

Toe ring: Your home smells with aromatherapy.

Band Ring: You are a perfectionist.

Diamonds: You prefer jewelry that sparkles without the help of an instagram filter.

This women’s day, express yourself with your jewelry that speaks so much about yourself. Your thoughts?

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