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Crafting Elegance: The Flamboyant Flamingo Jewelry Project

It all began with a simple YouTube video that unexpectedly captured my attention and stirred my curiosity. Little did I know that this video would serve as the catalyst for an extraordinary project – one that would challenge our creativity and craftsmanship, leading to a remarkable change in the way we approach jewelry design and its profound consequences for our brand.

The goal of encapsulating this vivid display of nature in a piece of jewelry beckoned to me. With unwavering determination, my team and I embarked on this journey, determined to create something exceptional. We knew that to capture the essence of a flamboyance of flamingos, every step of the process had to be meticulous.

The Process of Making

The Rough Sketch: We began with a rough paper sketch, carefully designing the links of the bracelet to ensure it would be flexible and wearable.

CAD Design: After encountering some setbacks with our initial CAD designer, we found another who could bring our vision to life.

The Quest for Pink: Finding the perfect shade of pink for our flamingo proved to be a challenge. We explored a range of stones, from deep red rubies to pink tourmalines and spinels, until we settled on pink sapphires.

Casting: With the design finalized, we moved on to casting, ensuring that every detail was preserved.

Assembling and Joining: Link by link, we carefully assembled and joined the pieces.

Pit Making, Scraping, and Buffing: The meticulous work continued with pit making, scraping, and buffing to achieve a flawless finish.

Stone-Setting: Setting the pink sapphires, making sure they created a gradient effect.

Enamelling: The enamel process had its challenges, which we’ll explore further.


  • CAD Designers: Our initial CAD designer abandoned the project, setting us back. The project landed in the lap of a new designer. 
  • Pink Sapphire Vendor: Our first stones vendor chickened out when we presented our extensive list of stone sizes and shades.
  • Enamel Challenges: Achieving the perfect blend of color and texture with enamel required multiple attempts.
  • Mismatched Lock: A mismatched lock threatened to spoil the alignment and size of the bangle.

Changes: We refused to settle for anything less than perfection

  • Stone Gradient Quality: We purchased around 100 carats of different shades of pink sapphires to ensure a clear and stunning gradient effect.
  • The Lock: After the initial lock mishap, we crafted a new one that fit perfectly, ensuring the bangle looked like it was made to measure.
  • The Enamel: We experimented with enameling, realizing that the piece needed texture to enhance its appearance. After three rounds of enameling, we finally achieved our desired outcome.

The outcome of our tireless dedication and unwavering commitment was nothing short of spectacular. The final piece, a bracelet showcasing the flamboyance of flamingos with vibrant pink sapphires and impeccable enamel work, was a true masterpiece. It not only captured the essence of these magnificent birds but also marked a transformative journey for our team. This project redefined our approach to jewelry design, emphasizing the importance of persistence, attention to detail, and the pursuit of perfection. As a consequence, our creation went on to be nominated in the National Jewelry Awards held by the Gems and Jewelry Council of India. It garnered widespread admiration and became a symbol of our dedication to the artistry of jewelry design, proving that every project worth its time is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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