In a recent interview when a famous actress appeared on the Kapil Sharma show, she expressed a couple of fan moments.

She came to be more recognized after the release of her film in 1988.

She recalled, “when I returned to India from a tour, I was going towards my car at the airport and there were two or three kids who were hanging out there to clean the car.”

“One of them saw me and started shouting ‘woh dekh heroine heroine’ (look, heroine) and all of them came running towards me,” added the actress, who played Mohini in the film.

“And then, they asked me for an autograph. I signed with M. The moment they saw M, one of them excitedly told the other one ‘dekha maine bola tha na, ye Mohini hai’ (see, I told you she is Mohini). So, that was my first public recognition ever.”

You may have guessed the name of the ‘heroine’ by now? Type answer in the comments below.

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, today we have flown into a different zone.

What does it mean to be popular?
You can be popular to one group of people and not another.

What’s the minimum limit to be called popular?
There are probably levels of being known…something like: local celeb, pretty famous, super famous, worldwide superstar.

Who decides when someone is popular?
In order for you to be popular, does someone have to be removed from well known?

What’s the maximum amount of people who could be famous at one time before the next most popular person is simply popular but not famous?
All of these off-shoot questions that arise when you ask people ‘How many people are popular ’

…the actual question they actually want to think about and answer about is, ‘Can I be popular too?’ And that is always an interesting conversation.

A customer of ours has been nicknamed ‘Menghraj brand ambassador’ by the people she loves. We won’t name her here, but this post is to show how much we appreciate people with elegant taste.

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