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Can you create this for me?


Varun and Shilpa were in love, and getting married. Varun wanted to make a unique brooch that would be special and memorable for her – an icon of their love story. He ventured out with a sketch to see where he could find it, visiting many showrooms along the way.

Some jewelry shops offered to sell him items from their shelves, while others showed designs that were close to his drawing but were taking orders for their own patterns. While he was inspired, he didn’t want to compromise on average – he wanted something perfect.

Unfortunately, most of the shops he visited didn’t want to take his order. They either lacked the expertise to understand his vision or didn’t want to take the risk of making something that might not satisfy the customer.

One shop finally agreed, but with some conditions. Once the piece was ready, no alterations would be allowed, and if Varun cancelled the order after it was made, he would still have to pay the making charges. It seemed like ‘delight’ was out of the question.

It was then that Varun learned about the House of Menghraj. Unlike most jewellers that focus on selling quantity over quality, the House of Menghraj is known for its expertise in custom-made jewellery, having been in the industry for seven decades.

At the House of Menghraj, customers are offered value-added services like design ideation, 3D rendering, sample creation, and size inspection, with the customer involved every step of the way. The experts at the House of Menghraj lend their expertise about practicality, ensuring that every piece is quality approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

With this newfound knowledge, Varun was able to bring his inspiration to the House of Menghraj and create a brooch that was truly unique and special to him and Chanda, a perfect symbol of their love story.

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